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Top Truths About Therapy in Seattle

Top Truths About Therapy in Seattle

You are thinking about doing therapy and may wonder—What’s therapy like and can it help me?.

Things to Know About Therapy in Seattle King County

1. Talking about things can help.
It often zaps energy to hold emotions inside and sharing how we are doing often feels better. Talking with a trained and experienced therapist not only offers a sounding board, but they can help with building your perspective and building skills to cope with problems.

2. The more you participate the better your therapy outcomes.
You and your therapist can talk about a lot of great things in your therapy session to help you feel better, but it is important to integrate those things into your daily life. Having a plan for therapy tasks (learning, noticing, and doing things) between sessions is important for beneficial outcomes.
3. Therapy is about change…and that is not always easy.
You come to therapy because you want things to be different. Improving things requires change that may sometimes feel difficult to accomplish. It is important to talk about the things that feel hard to change.

4. Life doesn’t have to be “Meh.”
Therapy provides an opportunity for you to build self-awareness and ways of coping to create a supportive relationship with yourself and consider changes for a more meaningful and rewarding life. There are opportunities to dump the “Meh” feeling and move towards greater well-being.

5. It is never too late to find help.
You can start now, right where you are. It is never too late to ask for support. Whether that be from a therapist or from a trusted person in your life.

A Free Therapy Consultation in Seattle King County

I hope this helps you find the right therapist in Seattle King County. If you are still feeling stuck, feel free to call me toll free at (844) 733-5262 for a free 30 minute phone consultation. I’d be happy to hear about what is happening and help direct you to the right person. If you are looking for help with anxiety, you can read more about how I can help here.

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