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Specific Phobia

Specific Phobia

Do you experience an unreasonable, intense fear of specific object(s) or place(s)?

Do you consistently avoid/experience significant distress doing activities such as flying, driving, being in small spaces, or heights?

Does your fear, avoidance and distress stop you from doing things that important or meaningful to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may have a specific phobia. While it is common to feel stress or nervous in some circumstances, people who experience a phobia tend to avoid everyday interactions with situations, places or things that cause them intense fear and anxiety.

People with a specific phobia often experience significant distress in the following situations:

  • Fear of situations or events involving the natural world or weather: examples include fear of thunder or fear of water
  • Fear of physical harm or injury: such as fear of medical procedures, fear of blood or specific physical activities
  • Fear of specific situations or circumstances: this may include things such as fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), driving, flying, or public speaking
  • Fear of animals: such as dogs, horses, snakes or insects
  • Other phobias: this may include things like fear of vomiting or fear of holes

Phobia can occur with just about any circumstance or object a person experiences, so don’t be concerned if your fear is not listed on this page. Phobias can improve with the right treatment. Learning to manage your fear and build effective coping skills in therapy can help you gain the ability to interact with feared situations and objects.

If you feel you may have a specific phobia, I encourage you to contact me today for a free consultation.